Meditation is natural and deeply rewarding. It offers a direct and intuitive experience of states of consciousness that are peace-full, health-full, mind-full and soul-full.

The benefits of meditation have been amply documented by medical testing.

General benefits can be classified as:

Physical: improves respiration, heart, circulation, vitality and well-being; Mental: improves mindfulness, memory, clarity and concentration; Emotional: greater calmness, insight, forgiveness, love, acceptance and joy; Spiritual awakening: to the Life that dwells in you and in all life.

You do not need any particular belief system or affiliation to benefit from the techniques taught at Ananda. You can use the science of meditation to focus on just one or all of meditation’s benefits.

“No matter how busy we are, we need to devote time every day to the art of doing things restfully.” —Swami Kriyananda

Meditation helps you:

Build skills to manage tension and stress (improved heart health and immune system)
Discover and explore your true self
Enhanced focus and concentration for success in all areas of life
Feel happier, more relaxed, and at peace with yourself
Improved courage, confidence, and humor
Reduced chronic fatigue, decreased depression and anxiety, and greater overall happiness

Upcoming Meditation Classes:

Beginning Meditation Class with Robin (4-weeks)

Building a Meditation Practice with Robin
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